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GS Foam Concrete Ltd,
Registered in England & Wales: 6719284
VAT Registration: 942873396

About us

Glen Jones and his company G S Foam concrete Ltd have been in operation from 1984 and were the first company to manufacture foam concrete for the construction industry. Through the years we have built a wealth of experience in producing foam concrete and the types of applications it can be used for. We have a proven track record of providing excellent service and products which have enable us to grow the business and maintain an extensive client base. Due to our repeated business over the years the reputation the company has built up has seen us achieve preferred supplier status for many of our clients. Having recently incorporated to a Limited company we are now able to offer our services on a sub contract basis as well as supply.

What is foam concrete?

WHat is foam concrete

Base Material
The base material consists of varying quantities of cement, sand and water (dependant on strength and consistency required) which forms a slurry type mix. This mix is usually supplied in ready-mix concrete trucks.

Foam Additive
The foam additive is produced on site through our specially adapted foaming generators and injected into the back of the mixers to produce the foam concrete. The volume of foaming added is dependent on the target density. There is a minimum amount of room required for the foaming process unlike our competitors who require enough room to site large concrete silo’s and mobile batching plant equipment. The foam generator and all required equipment arrive on site in G S Foam transit vans and we only require enough room for the ready-mix truck and a concrete pump if required.

Foam Concrete
Once the foaming is complete the foam concrete is then ready to be placed either direct from the truck or via G S Foam concrete’s specially adapted pump. There are many advantages to using foam concrete, due to its high fluidity it is self compacting and self levels to find each and every void that requires filling. These properties save on time and cost of equipment needed for conventional concrete. Minimal staff are required on site and are all fully trained in the operation of G S Foam Concrete’s specially adapted equipment. Foam concrete is a well bonded body of concrete once hardened, does not impose lateral loads on adjacent structures. It also achieves good compressive strengths and thermal insulation properties. After an initial 24 Hour curing period you will be able to notice the unique characteristics of the product and its appearance which resembles volcanic rock lava.


Advantages of G S Foam Concrete

» Highly Fluid Rapid Insulation

» Self Levelling

» Improves Site Logistics
» Self Compacting

» Minimal Staff
» Good Compressive Strength
» Lower Costs
» Well Bonded Body
» Sub Contractor / Supplier


Word of caution foam concrete cannot be produced at the ready-mix batching plant without the loss of density on route to site, also the load sizes are considerably smaller due to the fluidness of the material.


Product Development
All of our plant and equipment was designed and built in-house and we currently offer a wide range of materials for many applications which we are continually enhancing to further our range. Ongoing development will further improve the properties of foamed concrete in order to extend its potential uses within the construction industry.

Environmental & Sustainability
G S Foam Concrete take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and are currently carrying out trials with some of the largest readymix concrete companies in the UK to replace a percentage of Cement and Quarried material with by-products such as PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) and recycled material such as Glass. Any further information on these trials can be obtained by contacting us and will be published on our website.