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Foam Concrete Strength  

Foamed concrete can achieve strengths of between 0.5 and 18 Newton/mm2. The strength of the foamed material is influenced by the wet density, cement content, aggregates and the water/cement ratio.  
The foamed material is normally tested at 28 days. However 3, 7 and 14 day testing is not uncommon on some projects. 
GS Foam Concrete has many mix designs along with data going back many years to suit most applications. 

 Quality Control of Foam Concrete  

GS Foam Concrete employ qualified technicians and are able to provide a quality testing service to British Standards.  
Included in the price quoted is cube making and density monitoring.  
All our test cubes are independently tested by a UKAS accredited company, e.g. Environmental Scientifics Group Ltd. 
We are able to supply you with strength test data upon request at no additional costs. 
Cube Testing machine 
Density weighing 

 Concrete Pumping  

GS Foam Concrete currently have 2 concrete pumps of their own which both use only flexible hoses for placement of the foamed material. We have completed many projects using our own pipelines with some in excess of 250 metres to reach the infill area. 
However, we do have facilities to use concrete pumps throughout the UK using hydraulic booms with various boom lengths to reach the infill areas. 
GS Foam Concrete pumps the foamed concrete through 50mm, 76mm and 100mm hoses and all pipes have a minimum 10b pressure rating. 

 On-site Batching of Foam Concrete  

GS Foam Concrete can offer on-site batching facilities for larger foam concrete project, in conjunction with our ready mix suppliers. 
The on-site facilities offer non-stop batching to assist GS Foam to reach a daily target set by the client. On some projects where we have used the on-site facility, we have placed over 750m3 in one day with an average per day over the whole project of 550m3. 
The on-site facility is self-contained with only deliveries of sand and cement required each day, subject to the mix design. 

G S Foam Concrete Ltd Consultancy Service  

GS Foam Concrete work closely with clients and offer a specific consultancy service to civil engineering contractors, architects or direct with the main client prior to undertaking any void fill. We offer this as part of our service at no cost to the client. Before we price any works we always arrange a site meeting to discuss all aspects of the project, including logistics and material requirements. Our vast years of experience enables us to provide workable solutions to fulfil the client’s needs and site demands. 
We are unmatched in our field of expertise and experience within the foam concrete industry. 
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